Learn More About Our Custom Lettering Services

Vinyl letters stick to most flat, non-course surfaces in seconds, such as glass, fiberglass, plastic, and painted metal.

We can read most file types: ai and eps are preferred; pdf, tiff, gif, jpeg, Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher are also usable files. Sending digital files helps us with your design and logo but doesn't guarantee we can use them. Many logos require a setup charge, and we won't know if this is the case until we open a file and look at it. Setup and scanning charges start at $15.00. Email us any necessary digital files.

Tell us the width and height of the area you want lettering on, and we can recommend the right size letters for your job. Proofs are supplied via e-mail or fax when requested.

The lettering designs with no background come pre-spaced on one piece of backing with a layer of pre-masking tape on the top.
Install Instructions: All you do is remove the backing and apply as one piece, then peel off the transfer tape to leave just the individual letters on the surface.

Yes, but the lettering is more vivid when installed on the outside and will hold up in the weather. We do not recommend it unless installation is not feasible normally. If you would like to reverse the lettering, we can do this for nonreflective lettering. Reversing is not an option for reflective and fluorescent vinyl.

Yes, we would be glad to quote a discounted price for large bulk orders. There are no set amounts or limits for special pricing. Given the custom nature of each request, different orders can vary in cost and complexity. We quote every job based on the entire size and scope of the project.

We generally ship same-day on all orders placed by 10 am CST, large orders can take longer than one to three days to ship out of our Chicago, Illinois office location. We can ship next-day air UPS, two-day air, and ground UPS shipping. Priority mail is, by far, the best and most common way we ship on packages less than 3 lb. You can expect to receive most orders within three days of ordering.

We use two grades of material. The most common is our 4-7 year standard 3M series 50 vinyl which will perform well under most circumstances. If your work demands greater durability, choose the more expensive 7 to 10-year premium vinyl by Avery series 900. Life expectancy will vary on location. No special care is required once installed.

Using heat is very effective. Take a hairdryer and as the glue on vinyl softens, you can remove the letters by gently pulling, keeping the heat on the vinyl while removing the whole letter or decal. Clean the adhesive with denatured alcohol.

Each line of text can be in different colors. You can even specify shadows, outlines, and other effects; the price for the lettering is doubled, however. Each color is supplied on its own backing sheet to be applied separately. Start with the background color, and align each layer with the previous layer.

We have hundreds of stock clip art that you can view from our symbols link at the top of all of our pages. We have most national logos already saved; call to see if we have what you are looking for. You can supply artwork by uploading it on our ‘Quick Quote’ page or e-mail. A vectorized file is the best (EPS, PDF); High‑resolution JPEG 300 dpi or better is recommended.

A space limit is an area you will be using to place your vinyl lettering. For example, if your window is 48 inches from left to right, your space limit might be 44 inches. This would mean you want to leave two inches of space on either side. By supplying space limits, we can ensure that your lettering is correct the first time. This is the #1 mistake made by customers when ordering vinyl letters (not measuring your working area).