Perforated Window Signs

Don’t want to use custom banners and signs that let sunlight through your storefront’s windows? Instead, you should try Perforated Window Signs. These are made using a special film that corrects this issue. Kind of like tinted windows on a car, people walking by will be able to read Perforated Window Signs without any distractions because the light is only reflecting back in one direction.

All of our Perforated Window Signs are custom made for your special promotions and events. The long-lasting product lets intrigued passerby read the sign from one side without confusing customers who are looking out the other side.

Perforated window signs are applied to the outside of your window. They work well for both vehicles and store fronts.  We sell this material for $7 a square foot on our website

This is a great alternative to hanging signsvinyl decals, and static window signs when you do not want to obstruct anyone’s view from the inside of your business facing out, truly a unique and inexpensive way to promote your products and business.

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