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Vinyl Truck Letters Ready to Apply.

Are you looking for an affordable way to promote your business? Do you want to establish a polished, professional image? Look no further! We have just what you need to turn your fleet into rolling advertisements with professional, quality vehicle lettering! Whether you have a single vehicle or a large service fleet, we can provide you with the professional vinyl lettering you need to make your business really stand out above the rest. In fact, truck letters are an easy, highly cost effective way to enhance your professional image, create a presence in your community, and attract new business. With more than 30 years of experience creating custom vinyl lettering at affordable wholesale prices, we can help you customize your fleet for less than you may think!

With custom vehicle lettering the options are endless! From your company name, address, phone number and website to your slogan, services and more — we can provide you with whatever you need to personalize your vehicle. Plus, you can choose from a variety of letter and number sizes, colors and fonts. We can also use your own font to create that truly one-of-a-kind look. Our vehicle lettering is designed to provide years of durability, and it easily adheres to any clean, dry surface. So, you can customize your tailgate, hood, doors — you name it! Best of all, you don’t need to pay for professional application, because our custom, self-adhesive truck letters arrive ready to apply. In addition, they are pre-spaced, for easy, worry-free application. We know you want quality vehicle customization for less, and we are ready to provide you with just that!

While many people choose us for our incredible value, they come back for our outstanding service. That’s because we don’t just sell vinyl lettering, we work with you to ensure you receive the right products for your particular application. It has been our honor and privilege to serve businesses with their custom truck letters since 1984, and we take great pride in helping our customers select the perfect products for their individual needs. So, if you have questions about our standard, premium or fluorescent vinyl, or want to know what letter size and placement will help you get noticed, just ask! We are happy to assist you. Contact us today to get started! We look forward to partnering with you on your vehicle lettering project.


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Size Standard vinyl Premium vinyl Reflective vinyl Fluorescent vinyl
.5" $ .25 $ .40 N/A $ .40
.75" .30 .40 N/A .40
1" .30 .40 .55 .40
1.25" .33 .48 .60 .48
1.5" .40 .50 .75 .50
1.75" .44 .50 .75 .50
2" .44 .55 .80 .55
2.25" .47 .60 .85 .60
2.5" .50 .60 .90 .60
3" .55 .70 1.00 .70
3.5" .60 .74 1.20 .74
4" .65 .80 1.50 .80
4.5" .69 .80 1.70 .80
5" .70 .90 1.80 .90
5.5" .78 1.10 1.90 1.10
6" .89 1.18 2.00 1.18
6.5" .99 1.50 2.80 1.50
7" 1.15 1.60 3.00 1.60
8" 1.37 1.90 3.30 1.90
9" 1.70 2.20 4.75 2.20
10" 2.10 2.80 5.00 2.80
11" 3.00 3.30 5.50 3.30
12" 3.30 4.10 6.00 4.10
13" 3.75 5.00 6.50 5.00
14" 4.00 5.75 N/A 5.75
15" 4.70 6.00 N/A 6.00
16" 4.90 6.20 N/A 6.20
17" 5.00 6.60 N/A 6.60
18" 5.50 6.70 N/A 6.70
19" 5.90 7.50 N/A 7.50
20" 6.00 8.00 N/A 8.00
21" 7.00 8.00 N/A 8.00
22" 7.50 9.00 N/A 9.00
23" 7.50 9.75 N/A 9.75
24" 7.50 10.00 N/A 10.00
Use height of capital letters (upper case) to determine size and price. Letters cut to heights between what is shown on the chart below will be priced according to the next larger size. Discounts and free shipping on orders over $150 on Standard and Premium Vinyl Letters and Numbers Only.. E-mail us for free catalog and samples. All prices below are per character plus shipping. Shipping costs on order page.

1-9 of same set of letters (same copy) Standard price in chart below
10-24 of same set of letters (same copy) 5% off standard price
25+ of same set of letters (same copy) 10% off standard price
$150.00-$249.00 5% off standard
$250.00-$499.00 10% off standard price
$500.00-$999.00 15% off standard price
$1,000.00+ Call for pricing
Prices above reflect basic vinyl letter orders. Discounts apply to Standard & Premium Vinyl Letters and Numbers Only. Set-up charges may apply to any job that needs custom programming based on time and files supplied starting at $10. A one time file conversion charge of $15 may apply to all usable files supplied by customers. Prices subject to change without notice. A 30% up charge will apply on All Metallic premium vinyls and many delicate type styles. A $30 minimum order charge will be applied to all vinyl lettering orders before shipping.
3M Scotchcal Graphic Film Series 50 High performance intermediate 3.5 mil. vinyl film. Has a 6 to 8 year outdoor life, Depending on location and color. Available by the running ft. at 14 inch height $2.00 per ft.
Avery 900 Super Cast High performance 2 mil. cast film, 9 to 12 year outdoor life. Depending on location and color. Available by the running ft. at 14 inch height $3.00 per ft.
Avery 900 Super Cast High Performance Metallics 2 mil. Up to 6 year life depending on location and color. Some colors available above 1.5 inch with transfer tape to add rigidity and protect vinyl while installing. Available by the running ft at 14 inch height $4.00 per ft.
Avery HV 1200 High Visibility Reflective Vinyl 6 mil. Or Nikkalite 48000 Series. Both Nikkalite 48000 Series and Avery HV 1200 Available by the running ft. at 14 inch height $7.00 per ft. Both brands have the same outdoor Life of 7 years The best in the industry.
Avery Fluorescent 1 year outdoor life 2 mil. Available by the running ft. at 14 inch height $3.00 per ft.
All orders shipped by UPS or Priority Mail. Most orders shipped same day ordered! CALL (800) 422-4231. Please remember, all our letters and numbers are all custom cut and manufactured to your specifications and cannot be used by anyone else. Refunds will only be given if product is defective and we cannot fix the issue.

Here is a bit More Information About Vinyl Lettering:

Enhance your walls and windows with custom computer cut self adhesive pre-spaced Vinyl Lettering and Numbers. Letters Unlimited’s Vinyl Lettering and Numbers are made just for you, custom, with cut lines that directly outline the individual letters and numbers. Get your Vinyl Letters and Numbers in any color or font. This product is made from high performance 3M vinyl. Once the vinyl is cut to your specifications, the product is masked with transfer tape. To make installation easy, all you do is remove the paper backing from the transfer tape and apply the Lettering and Numbers as one piece. You then peel off the transfer tape, leaving only the vinyl lettering stuck to the surface.

Vinyl Lettering and Numbers are an awesome way to spice up the outside of your businesses, storefronts, commercial vehicles and more The material works both indoors and outdoors. The long-lasting vinyl will keep each Letter or Number in place and looking amazing all year round. Be sure that you stand out from the crowd with custom cut pre-spaced ready to apply Vinyl Lettering and Numbers from Letters Unlimited Inc.

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