Static Window Cling Signs

Step-by-step instructions for Custom Static Window Clings and Signs

Step 1 :

Step 1 : Wet application front and back as you remove from liner.

Step 2 :

Step 2 : Keep wet, both sides this will help not stick to its self. Very important.

Step 3 :

Step 3 : Keep both sides wet this will help static from sticking to itself. As you remove liner very important.

Step 4 :

Step 4 : Clean glass, and keep glass wet while applying.

Step 5 :

Step 5 : Apply to wet glass, (squeegee provided with order) spray with additional water. (Water should have a couple of drops of dish soap to add slipperiness).

Step 6 :

Step 6 : Keep wet. Static cling window signs can be applied to front of glass or outside of glass. Slide around until you get it where you want it.

Step 7 :

Step 7 : Squeegee out remaining water from center out all around until all water is out from behind graphic, keep back wet while doing so.

Step 8 :

Step 8 : Dry off when complete with cloth or paper towel.

Step 9 :

Step 9 : Finished.