Our staff is available to help determine a typestyle for your vinyl lettering that will fit your needs. Please contact us at or (800) 422-4231 if you need assistance. There are more than 200 typestyles shown in our PRINTED CATALOG, the most popular of which are shown on links below. If you can't find a particular typestyle, we also have more than 5,000 true type fonts at our disposal, although if we have to search for a font that you want there will be a font search charge of $20.

Please specify the name of the true type font. If we don't have the true type font you need, just e-mail the true type font to us, and we'll use it on your job and keep it in our library of typestyles for future use. A $15 one time font or file conversion charge may apply to any fonts or files supplied for conversion, depending on size of order.

Commonly used fonts

Vinyl lettering common fonts--helvetica medium

Vinyl lettering common fonts--clarendon bold

Vinyl lettering common fonts--brush script

Vinyl lettering common fonts--helvetica bold

Vinyl lettering common fonts--optima semi bold Vinyl lettering common fonts--goudy extra bold

Vinyl lettering common fonts--franklin gothic condensed

Vinyl lettering common fonts--times bold italic

Vinyl lettering common fonts--dom casual