Vinyl lettering for windows, trucks, boats and walls

Businesses of all types need to constantly promote their products and services. For businesses which sell their products or services on the go have to rely on vehicle lettering. Vinyl lettering is one of the best choices for displaying announcements on vehicles. Below we mention 5 reasons why you simply cannot ignore vinyl letters for vehicles.

  1. Custom-made Designs – Vinyl signs can be used to design for your particular business needs. They are mostly available in wide range of sizes, colors and styles using which that you can promote your business just the way you want.
  2. Fits all Budget – Vinyl letters for vehicles are your best option if you are looking for affordable signs. While the price of signage runs into thousands of dollars, the cost of vinyl letter is relatively less.
  3. Easy to Install – Pasting them on vehicle doors, windows and body is relatively very easy. Since most of the vinyl letterings come with pre-spaces, you can install the entire sign at once.
  4. Not Messy – Vinyl lettering are better than painted signs in several ways. With vinyl lettering, you don’t need to bother about preparation and clean-up, don’t run the risk of uneven lettering and making painting mistakes. Vinyl letterings are pre-cut, precise and come with sharp edges.
  5. Versatile – Vinyl letters are versatile. You can change them whenever you want and however you want. You can remove them on a particular season and put it back when the time’s right. You can also highlight certain aspects of your business to engage customers.

Letters Unlimited offers vinyl lettering for windows, trucks, boats and walls. On request we offer custom-made vinyl lettering for our esteemed clients. We have a simple contact policy in place so that you can easily get in touch with us for all your lettering requirements.

Why Vehicle Lettering Helps

When you want to make the best use of your vehicle as a promotional space, you need to do some smart thinking. Nowadays there are numerous ways of promoting your business on your vehicle, even if that’s a truck or a boat. At Letters Unlimited we make it our business to provide you with the best truck lettering and boat lettering solutions. Not only do we offer highly cost-effective vinyl letters but also custom-made solutions so that you get exactly what you want.

It doesn’t matter to us at Letters Unlimited whether you live in Ohio, Akron, Cincinnati, or Columbus because we have the logistics in place to offer you appropriate and timely services. Our services are also available for the residents of Canton and Cleveland.

Why Vehicle Lettering Helps
If you are in a business where traveling and moving around with the truck is second nature, it only makes sense to use the vehicle optimally. Imagine the number of people who will see the attractive vinyl posters on a single day even if you travel a couple of hundred kilometers? When you have a properly placed, eye-catching lettering logo or design, you can easily turn your truck into a moving billboard.

What You Need to Remember
There are a few things you need to remember when deciding on getting vinyl lettering for your vehicle. You need to keep in mind the logo design (take help from us if you don’t have a logo design ready), choice of color for the vinyl, type of vinyl and the text to carry your message properly. You must also understand the importance of branding, effective ways of promotion, consistent advertising ideas etc. If you are promoting your business on multiple platforms, try to coordinate the ideas.

Since vinyl lettering is a powerful tool that you can effectively use on your vehicle, contact us immediately so that you get the best deal today!

Promote Your Business Vehicles with Vinyl Lettering

Promotion is considered to be one of the essential requirements of any business. Whether you work from home or your business travels the distance, you will need to find ways to promote your business. If you fall in the latter category of businesses, you can surely use your mode of transport for promotion. Confused at what we are pointing? We are simply indicating that you could be using your business vehicle for promotion by plastering vinyl lettering on it. Vinyl letters for vehicles is one of the most common techniques used by commercial vehicles to promote their business. The bold letters printed on vinyl help to succinctly describe the mission and vision of the company. Vehicle lettering also helps to adhere to legal requirements as well.

Promoting Business Through Vinyl Lettering
If you are in the logistics company, you would understand the importance of promotions-on-the-go. When you are in this business you should include basic information such as contact address and phone number in your vehicle. If these are done with vinyl lettering, you can get customized prints.

Vinyl lettering also helps in branding. You can design your business’s logo and get in printed on custom-made self-adhesive vinyl. The logo can be designed with colors that complement your business goals. You can have bold designs which can easily catch people’s attention and drive in more customers.

Getting In Touch With The Best in Business
If you are convinced that adhesive vinyl lettering on vehicles can boost the sales of your business, you should get in touch with the best vinyl makers. Letters Unlimited is one of the trusted companies in Schaumburg, IL. We make custom vinyl lettering, lettering kits, sign lettering and vinyl letters for boats, trucks, vehicles, and windows. We have been in the business for over three decades and have been offering customized solutions to one and all.

Boat Lettering – Let the World Know the Boat’s Owner

Don’t boats that majestically sail on lakes and rivers look lovely? If you are a proud owner of a boat, you would understand the joy of cutting through winds and paving your way on the water. But do you know what makes a boat look even better? The answer is boats which are named. A named boat attracts more attention and can also become the pride of a place. Boat owners in Columbus, Ohio, Cincinnati are known to have quirky, funny as well as respective names for their boats. If you are also interested in naming your boat, you need to get in touch with a boat lettering company. We at Letters Unlimited offer our sign lettering services for all the boat owners in Akron, Cleveland, Canton and the neighboring areas.

However, if you want to make a mark with a boat name, you don’t just need a good name but also good design. Keeping in mind a couple of tips will help.

Choosing the Right Name
Yes, you can choose from hundreds of boat names. You can get thousands of suggestions on the Internet. But when you finalize a name for your boat, it should be something you can relate to. The name should complement the design of the boat, your attitude and the place where it sails.  When naming your boat, many experts’ advice on putting the name of the hail port as well. It is common fashion to see the name of a hail port below the actual name of the boat as city, state abbreviation.

Deciding the Color Scheme
When you have decided on boat lettering using vinyl, you have to finalize on the color scheme as well. Remember to pick a color that matches your boat. The color scheme should also highlight your persona. You can also decide on special effects that help to make the sign lettering better.

Self-adhesive ready to apply stick on letters and numbers

Self-adhesive ready to apply stick on letters and numbers


If you need stick on letters for your truck, boat, window or sign then you can find custom vinyl letters and numbers at Letters Unlimited.  They ship your stick on numbers or letters the same day and at discounted or wholesale prices. It does not matter whether you want standard vinyl, premium vinyl, reflective or even fluorescent vinyl, you will find the right stick on letters and numbers at Letters Unlimited.

You want to get self-adhesive stick on letters that are made from durable vinyl and are pre-spaced and ready to apply. You may also want vinyl letters that are water resistant and suitable for outdoor use. For example premium vinyl such as Avery 900 super cast can provide you with 9 to 12 years of outdoor life – that’s a long time for your stick on numbers and letters to be around. If you need long life reflective vinyl lettering you should consider HV 1200 high visibility vinyl that will offer around 7 years of outdoor life.


You can also jazz up your stick on letters and numbers with complementary products such as custom cut vinyl striping. For example Pinstripe Tape by 3M is ideal for use on boats, trucks and signs and will add that extra bit of aesthetics that will help attract attention.


There are countless uses and virtually unlimited applications for custom vinyl letters, stick on numbers, decals and stripes. You can use them on any flak surface and for just about any reason you want. Many people use them on cars, boats, trucks, windows and even golf carts. Whatever you want to say you can say it with stick on letters and stick on numbers. Then you can make it interesting or pretty with custom vinyl stripes or decals.

Custom Vinyl Lettering

Send A Genuine Message To Your Prospects With Custom Vinyl Lettering



Do you want to make your company easily accessible to your clients but don’t know how to do that in a cost-effective manner? If you’re not familiar with custom vinyl lettering, then you may be missing out on just what you need…

For every business owner from Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Ohio who wants to grow their business without spending their hard earned money in vain… read this article.

What are custom vinyl letters?

The product is obtained as a result of cutting vinyl in the shape of a font and letter of the client’s choice. For example, if you want to write on your car “Free Delivery” you can choose from different standard fonts (Arial, Calibri, TNR, and so on) or a custom-made font (see the custom fonts of big brands such as Coca Cola, Apple, Adidas, and so on).

Custom vinyl letters are cut to the size you need. They can be glued on a car, wall, window, furniture, etc.

Who can use custom vinyl lettering in their business?

Basically anyone, as long as they want to make their message “stick”. And by anyone, we really mean anyone. Think of the impressive amount of products and objects that are customized by adding custom messages on them: helmets, furniture, cars, windows, walls, boats, children’s rooms, doctors’ offices, and more…

There are some businesses that pay people in order for people to place custom vinyl lettering on their cars, promoting that business. It’s better than renting a billboard, some say.

Send your message to your audience. It’s fast, easy, and convenient: use custom vinyl lettering solutions to promote your business . Contact a representative from Letters Unlimited from your area today and find out more about these services.

How To Use Vinyl Letters

Have A Quote You Love? See How To Use Vinyl Letters

We’re all constantly looking for ways to make our lives better, to be happier, to live in a more beautiful home. Who knew a simple quote can get to your heart and brighten your day? So if you have a quote you like, you can print it in vinyl letters and place it somewhere in your home. It will remind you every day of how wonderful life is, and how beautiful…

Read more about vinyl letters in this article…

Vinyl letters for walls and furniture

A lot of people print their most loved quotes and stick them to a wall in their homes. Others prefer to stick these words of wisdom on their furniture. Don’t worry, vinyl letters are of very high quality and will not cause damage to your household items. However, if you are using a powerful glue then you should read the instructions carefully.

All in all, vinyl letters can be an easy and practical solution if you want to give your home a touch of your personality.

What other areas can vinyl letters come in handy?

The truth is, these letters are widely used as a marketing tool. They are glued on cars, windows, and all sorts of objects. The messages promote a product or a service, or it gives away contact information (see taxies, which use vinyl numbers to share their phone numbers with potential customers from around the city).

It is an easy way of attracting customers, especially if you have business owned cars or vehicles (think about pizza delivery cars, plumbing businesses, office cleaning companies, landscaping companies, and many more).

Do you want to find out more about vinyl letters and vinyl numbers? Are you thinking about using them in your business or in a marketing campaign? You can get all the information you need, plus advice and guidance in choosing the right fonts and colors for your message by contacting a representative from today.